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Pocket Steel Saw Wire - Unique and Simple

Pocket Steel Saw Wire

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Not enough space for you typical saw? Heres something that we got for you! Has Folding design with carabiner keyring for better packing and taking along, and with 1 small nylon pouch to store; only 0.7oz, the total rope saw length 29". This wire saw is perfect for camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing; quickly saw small to medium-sized tree limbs into usable wood for a lifesaving fire, shelter or to build a rescue signal fire

This Metal Wire Saw, made of high strength stainless steel wire,4-strand braided chain cord; The saw teeth is sharp and tight, can be used to cut wood(no more than 3 inches), plastic, bone, rubber, and soft metal. Grab one now!



-Wire Saw: 600mm German stainless steel.
-Utility Gadget Pouch :External: Nylon, Internal: Oxford

- Wire Saw: Multi-Strand Wire + Hoop + Pull Ring
- Utility Gadget Pouch: Zipper Closure+Parocord+Split Ring+Rope Buckle

- Wire Saw: Rope Saw length: Approx 22"(56cm).Total length: about 27"(69cm).
Pull ring dia.:1.18"(3cm)
- Utility Gadget Pouch :Length:4.72"(12cm),Width:2.76"(7cm)
Paracord Loop Length: 9.45"(24cm)

- Wire Saw : 0.60oz(17g).
- Utility Gadget Pouch :1.23oz(35g).